Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Warner girls update...

Every day I watch my kids play and interact with each other and us and every day they amaze me with something new!! i can honestly see them growing physically and mentally EVERYday!! i LOVE my girls so much and i am trying to cherish each day...i couldn't be more happy than i am right now.. able to stay home with my girls and PLAY all day :)

Mia.... 15 months

-can say a few words... including, Hi (my favorite.. she sounds so sweet when she says hi :), bye bye, dada, mama, more (she signs this one), ball, that (dat), baba (for drink), Ta Da (like you'd say after a trick), and wow.... i could be forgetting a few.
-LOVES her stuffed monkey :) at night all we have to say is "you want your monkey?" and we hand it to her.. she gives up a big grin and a little giggle, and then we put her in her crib and she plays with him untill she falls asleep. Mia is sooooo good about nap/bed time!! i can just put her in when i know its time and she will either play for a bit before she falls asleep or lay right down and snooze :) THANK YOU MIA!!!
-Mia is deffinately a paci girl... she will do almost anything to get her hands on one of those bad boys .. haha! i really have to hide them when she is awake because if she catches her eye on one.. it's all over :)
- mia still prefers crawling, but we are thinking she will walk anyday (we have been saying that for 3 months now :) .. but really.. she took seven consecutive steps at church the other day and keeps taking a couple here and there at home...
- mia's favorite foods would be... BANANAS!!!! pasta with red sauce, cafe rio tortillas, any drink, she likes waffles in the mornings, and she will pretty much devour ANY fruit , oh and how could i forget otter pops.. the must have for a st. george summer :)
- i can't look at mia without falling in love all over again..
-she dances to the music.. super cute
-when i point a camera at her and say cheese she tilts her head and smiles.... what a good girl! maddie still hasn't quite mastered that one.
-mia takes one good nap a day in the afternoon.. this is when i get some good sun laying out in my back yard.

cute little sisters..

Mia with her 2 favorite things.... Monkey and paci! what a happy camper :)



and one more time for mommy, cheese! (notice the head tilts on all 3)

sick baby... mia had a fever for a couple of days (we think teething) so i made her a bed on the floor and she was so content to just lay there and watch movies and nap all day .. sweet girl!

Maddie.... 3 1/2 yrs old

- Maddie just started gymnastics :) she is sooo cute when she goes.. i feel like she is getting sooo big but when i watch her at the gym she is sooo tiny compared to all the other girls... guess she's still my baby :)
- some cute phrases that commonly come out of mads mouth... "i know what we can do..... we can play hide and seek!!!!" (said with rolling enthusiasm)... " let's go get mia together... because we are both mommies and we are BEST FRIENDS" ...
-likes to dress herself!
-loves to ride bikes with all the neighborhood kids
-puts on my makeup almost daily!!!! aahhhhh
-favorite drink is root beer (any brown soda is root beer) and chocolate milk
- loves to make and drink protein shakes with daddy in the morning :)
-has been changing her identity lately to a different princess each day...
- Sings and performs all the time!!! She Sings at the top of her lungs and LOVES to show off.. haha!
-is a great artist... she draws people all the time with eyes and eyeballs, ears, arms, legs, hair, a nose, and a smile... i seriously am impressed by many of her drawings :)
-recently hung onto the garage door as it was going up... all of a sudden i hear.. "help mommy help!!" and i look over to see her hanging from the garage door like 5 feet off the ground.. haha! i quickly grabbed her down and she was holding onto me soooo tight.. i think the whole ordeal may have scared her a bit :)

goofy girl

goofier girl...

goofiest girl?!....

we LOVE this girl !! she makes us laugh

here is our re-inactment of maddie's ride on the garage door today :) needless to say i wasn't able to ask her to "hold that pose while i grabbed my camera"... so i thought to give you the idea of what happened i would just re-do it :) Funny huh !!... i just wish i could have seen the whole thing... slowly riding up !


The Burnetts said...

Oh! I love your little babies! Wish we could see them more often - and Mia looks just like her daddy to me :) Miss you guys!

Leslee said...

Thank you thank you for these entries... love them... especially loved Mia's tilting head cheese pictures and of course Maddie on the garage door... I am sitting here alone and laughed out loud when I came to that... it's one thing to picture it in your mind, but another thing to see her little body dangling there... she is sooooooo darned cute! That will be a story she'll tell her kindergarten class when she gets into school and is asked about her most memorable moment! Loved it. Loved all the things the girls are doing but mostly the fact that you are having so much fun with your girls. xoxo Mom

Brad and Kaci said...

Oh I love your girls!!!! So dang cute!

Anna said...

Loved the update, those two are too funny! All the pictures cracked me up and I am still laughing about the garage door :) We miss you guys so much!

Liz Smith said...

you warner girls are so stinkin' cute it just simply isn't fair!!!!!