Tuesday, August 24, 2010

our annual august california girls trip was a hit!! of course we had tons of fun and did many of our traditional activities including ... going to disneyland, the beach, ruby's diner 3 times, my brother and his kids came over a few times to swim in grandma's pool, i got to have a girls night out with my sister in law :), we played games, ate frozen yogurt and hit up every mall we could think of :) here are some fun pix!!

grandma got out the halloween costumes and the cousins got to play dress up :)

we went to the beach a couple of the days... oh how i LOVE the beach!! i could spend all day every day there!! now i just need to train my kids to feel the same... mia would NOT touch the sand! it was pretty funny and semi nice that she would not leave the blanket.. kinda like there was a barrier!! and maddie was playing in the waves and got trampled and so that was the end of playing in the water for her!! but we still had fun!

can you think of a better place to take a nap?!

the girls were teasing the waves :)

popcorn party at grandmas... cute little cousins!! if only mason and paxton were there:)

Disneyland could not have been a better day!! we got there at 9 am and we stayed until 9:30 pm!! the girls were so good! mia took two naps while we were there and maddie was just an angel!! we had one of every treat they had to offer there and went on lots of rides... we also watched to 'celebration' parade.... it's an AWESOME parade and maddie got to go out and dance with the dancers and other kids :) she had fun!!

maddie and mia liked seeing the baby goats at the petting zoo too :) mia thought it was a good idea to throw dirt on them... sorry baby goats!!