Friday, June 11, 2010

Splash park

when summer comes to st. george we LOVE to do all sorts of water activities to cool us down :) this is one of our favorite.. the Library splash park :) The girls had alot of fun and wore themselves out :)

Maddie had fun jumping from rock to rock and making new friends...

mia loved taking in everybody playing around her... she loved the water too :)

playing together....

and after the splash park... we came home and took naps and then headed for the pool.... yes... the warner girls are water bums :)


Leslee said...

Having two little girls has got to be the most fun (well, so is having two little boys)... but they are darling and I love how they are playing together and they almost look like twins.. Mia's catching up... fun little water babies... bet they'll like Huntington Beach!!! xoxo M