Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet Squishy...

Hi, my name is Squishy Baby :) i was given to my best friend Maddie for her first christmas! i have been her FAVORITE baby/toy since :) Maddie is such a good mommy!! she loves to take me everywhere she goes so i don't miss out on anything... i go to church, wal-mart, target, grandma's, camping, and many other places!! My clothes are lost somewhere but that's okay because maddie puts me in silky jammies at nighttime :) as you can tell i am super LOVED !! xoxo Squishy Baby

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have been BEGGING shawn to take me on a beach vacation just the two of us and we finally had the chance!! YAY!!! so we planned a trip to Playa del Carmen... (it's near cancun in mexico). We had soooo much fun! Having two spunky little girls we sometime have a hard time focusing on each other... we were so lucky that my Mom was able to take them for a week!!!... so we were able to RELAX... and celebrate our 7th anniversary in style :) we have both been here before so we didn't care if we did any of the touristy things and so we just woke up at our leisure.... walked 100 ft to the beach... layed out, swam, ate... repeat.... around 6pm we would head in from the beach to get ready for walking around 5th avinue... which is sort of like playa's "strip" :) ... and i swear we did this EVERYday and i probably could do that for the rest of my life :) well here are a few fun pix of our second honeymoon :)... hopefully we will have a 3rd and 4th honeymoon very SOON!

View from the plane... can't wait to land and jump into that beautiful water!!!

When we got there we quickly checked into our hotel room and headed to the beach for some sun, sand, water, and ceviche :) mmmm.. yum!

My sweet boy!

i LOVE the colors in his picture.. the water was AMAZING and probably about 80 degrees!

Our home away from home... this is where we spent the majority of our time.

No words needed :)

our hotel had a deal with this hotel so we could lay out on their chairs... super nice hotel, and super $$$$. we took a slightly cheaper route :).

The love of my life! i am so lucky to be married to my best friend :)

In Mexico and out to dinner at an Italian place :)

us in front of OUR hotel... we LOVED it!! we would totally go back :)

Our room was tucked away in a little garden area...

The pool at our hotel..

mmm... sushi dinner!

I love to take kissing photos... i just wish shawn did too! haha.. i kissed .. he bit!

GQ baby!

They had a bunch of gelato places that were soooo good! this was my favorite :)

our last lunch before we had to fly out...

Poor shawnie didn't feel so good on the flight home... he thought he better just be prepared :)

checking out our escape ... better safe than sorry!


Happy seventh anniversary babe!! i love you sooo much and am so happy to be married to you :) thanks for such a memorable trip.... but PLEASE take me back soon!!!