Monday, January 31, 2011

on sunday the kids were watching a movie after church and before i knew it this is what i found :) a tired little baby sleeping on top of our hard coffee table looking just {PRECIOUS}...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

we recently went down to California for a short weekend trip :) the girls LOVE playing with their cousins!!

Maddie and Mia made fresh Lemonade from the lemons in my parents backyard :) mmmmm!! grandma even broke out the tea pot to have a spontaneous tea party on the counter :)

my mom gave mia this little bottle one afternoon for fun.. (it was mine when i was a wee child :).. anyway she was hooked.. always wanting more apple juice in her bottle.

there is always a fun project going on at grandmas... and whatever maddie is doing mia is sure to follow :) cute sisters!!

Mia Rockin' the side pony!!!

this chair provides so much more than sitting at the computer... it is a fabulous ride :)

We went to Home Depot the other day and it was so cute.... the girls carried this piece of trim throughout the entire store... teamwork!!!

we painted our kitchen and tv wall the other day and my girls are great and will just watch and not get into any paint trouble..... my husband on the other hand makes poor decisions from time to time :) he thought it would be "fun" to let the girls help paint the wall. They actually did really good... shawn would dip their brush and then hand it to them to go to town on the wall where we were going to repaint anyway. there were a couple mishaps that were easily fixed and a yell here and there to Stop!!! but all in all a fun family painting night :) as you can see they were thrilled with their work !!