Sunday, November 21, 2010

we just had our family pictures done and we are soooo happy with how they turned out!! we had Nate Kinzie do them ... you can visit his website here ... he does great work and we have always gotten great shots!! yay!
so we ended up with too many great ones to post but i picked our favorites out of our favorites :) here it goes!!


and here is the new love of my life.... false eyelashes!!! i wanted to spice my eyes up for the pix and so i bought these bad boys!! i felt super hot with them on since my own eyelashes are short and boring! shawn loved them and so i have bought a few more pairs for date nights :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

ReNEw & REfrEsH

From Shabby Crappy......

(and 500+ staples later)..... to a picture perfect rocker for the 2 beautiful girlies in my life :)

I am super happy with the outcome of my first upholstering project :)

Fabric choice upclose and personal.... LOVE it!!

And somehow history seems to repeat itself .....