Friday, August 26, 2011

This is what my cutie pie looks like on a daily basis :).. haha!! panties and boots! somehow we always end up here at the end of the day :)

Stealing Brownies!!

{ Fun Facts about Mia right now }

- Mia is 2 1/2
- she LOVES to mimic her older sister
- she loves any stuffed animal
- can do a killer booty shake...
- is still my squishy baby.. so fun to cuddle!!
- loves to talk at all times and has 1 volume.... LOUD! does get shy when strangers talk to her :)
- pees & poops in the potty!! and not many accidents!! yay!
- still sleeps in her crib because i can't bear to mess with her WONDERFUL sleeping habits... she goes to bed easily and still takes 2-3 hr naps :) happy mommy!!
- favorite foods are apple juice, watermelon, cantaloupe, any fruit, peanuts, chicken nuggets, lemonade, PIZZA, popsicles, pez, waffles, and pretty much she is not a picky eater :)
- she is a funny friend... always making us laugh!!
-she loves to play dress up, babies, barbies...
- 99% of the time she wakes up a happy girl... and then there is the 1% when she wakes up and buries her head
because she is MAD and doesn't want ANYTHING :)
- maddie hardly lets her choose the movies but when she does get to pick its often coraline or Tangled
- is a great swimmer and will swim anywhere in the pool with floaties
- is miss independent
-her vocabulary is amazing!
-gives sweet puckered lips kisses
- cannot put into words how cute she really is and the joy she brings to our lives :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cali trip 2011!!

Off to Grandmas house again!! and as usual we wore ourselves out!!! we spend 2 weeks using every minute wisely so we can get in the most fun possible :) love love love the time spent with my mama !!

Airplane ride ... first year i had to buy 3 tickets!!!! it was fun to have an entire row to ourselves :) maddie loves the jetblue tvs!!

Disneyland day....

and a chuck-e-cheese night :)

and we visited our friends again... they are like family :)

Grandmas hats :) they LOVE to try on my moms vintage hats!! LOVE mia's eyes in this one !!