Monday, November 30, 2009

This year we were able to have all of shawn's family over to our house for thanksgiving Weekend :) We had fun relaxing, eating, shopping, talking, playing, and enjoying each others company! A few pics from our fun time together...

Here is the table.... this is MY favorite part of having thanksgiving at my house :) i get to decorate the table!!

and here is the kiddie table...

Shawnie and his sister Melissa ... and mia

Fun playing at the park...

This is Mia's idea of a good time :)

cute cousins :)

the big kids playing at the park...weeeee :)

the big hit was this tiny dvd player we let the kids watch in maddie's room :) the cousins had so much fun playing together! wish we could get together more often!!

Viva Las Vegas!

My friend got tickets to the Regis and Kelly Show in Las Vegas and she couldn't use them! so she gave them to me!!! yay.... i immediately called my mom to see if she and my dad could meet us in vegas for a quick and spontaneous trip :) they were all for it! So my mom and i got to go see the show at the Wynn in Las Vegas and we had a blast. These are the only pictures i got from my mom because in mesquite we realized i had forgotten our camera!!!! aaarrgghh... i was so mad! but here are a few from my mama...

Tubby time at the Rio (where we stayed... the rooms were awesome, soooo big!!)

Me with the Love of my life ! Like his "christmas beard" ?

Me and my mom waiting in line to get into the theater at Regis and Kelly :)

The boys....and maddie :)

We had a blast!! Thanks anna for the tickets... and thanks mom and dad for coming to meet us!! we loved every minute of it :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joy School!

My friend Aubrey invited me to do a joy school with her and 3 other little girls and we have had so much fun with it!! Four Sweet, smart, and cute little girlies :)

Maddie, Addie, Avery, and Talise

Snack time!

We went to Paige az last weekend with some friends for the hot air balloon festival and to just get out of town :) we loved just being able to focus on each other as a family with no other distractions around. we had alot of fun!

Can you find Maddie? .... she was super excited to go on a ride with her friend Sione :)

Mommy and Mia looking over Glenn Dam...

All the Balloons were lit up in the street that night.. it looked awewome!

Free ride :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bow wig?

Maddie and i were playing with her bows and i started just putting a bunch in her hair and then i thought it might be fun to put every single bow in her hair :) She was loving it!! i thought it would look super funny ... but i think it actually looks kinda cute :) ... photo shoot below.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

we had such a fun halloween season this year... here are a few fun things we did :)

thursday we carved pumpkins with a few neighborhood friends... the kids had fun running around and the adults had fun carving the pumpkins :)

friday we went to another pumpkin carving party and brought some fun treats :) i was pretty excited about my "candy corn" cupcakes. i thought they turned out cute :)

addie and maddie..... (shout out- please don't leave us jensens!!)

My little lady ...xoxoxo

The fam... shawn was the bug catcher... i was a butterfly, maddie a bumblebee, and mia a ladybug. i love a themed halloween :)

i had too much fun getting them ready.... i decided to try crimping maddie's hair and then thought hmmm... mia has enough hair to crimp too... why not?!

the end of the day photo shoot :) at least addie smiled! (shout out- maddie is going to miss her BFF!!!)

The car wanted to dress up too :)

the most handsome bug catcher in st. george! and yes the mustache is drawn on.

he did some good work that night catching two of the cutest bugs ever!

We went to our friends house who carved over 50 pumpkins!!! it was super cool!

We love to go to california to visit family and just have a good ol' time :) we always go in august... but who says that our annual girls trip can only be once a year?!! we decided to get in the car (warner girls) and head on down for some fun in the sun :) As we drove down maddie got sick and threw up in the car! uuugghh, yuck!! luckily grandma nursed her back to health in a couple of days so we could play!! As usual we ate out, shopped (but not sooo much:), sewed, relaxed little, and to top it off we went through my mom's entire craft closet and had a garage sale! we made some pretty good bucks too!! here are some fun pix from the trip...

Grandma and the girls!

Emily and Maddie playing dress up... cute cousins!

Driving the car by herself at the pumpkin patch... what a maniac!

Waiting patiently in line :)

Riding horses!! what a thrill! Maddie gets such a kick out of this!!!

My little pumpkin princess in the baby pumpkin patch!

feeding the animals :)

maddie getting her haircut.... and grandma and mia watching. Maddie looks forward to sitting in the car and watching Dora :)