Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Shoot :)

We recently had our friend take some pictures of the girls ... i was so excited to finally have some professional photos of them :)  here are just a few that i really loved :)   i also played with the color on a few of them.  

Here is  my favorite picture of Mia in her blessing dress:)  doesn't she just look gorgeous!  and i just can't resist those cheeks!  i love my little baby doll... i can't decide if i like it Black and White or color.... i think they are both fun... 

here is my Tiny Dancer :)  (p.s. i do make these fabulous tutu's for a bargain price of $15 and $20 with petals)  

Okay, and now for my sweet drama queen!  she wouldn't just give me a normal smile... not one!  so i will have to make do with some cute action shots... She LOVES bubbles!  I also played with the color down below... what do you think?

Monday, April 13, 2009


Twinners :)

Maddie taking her sister for a walk.... mia was surprisingly having lots of fun being maddie's toy here ...

Easter day :)

Easter Weekend

Daddy and the girls sunday morning in their Easter outfits...

Mia's first easter dress ...

Easter Basket fun :)

Mia sleeping through her Easter basket fun :)

Coloring easter eggs ..

The whole neighborhood got together for a easter egg hunt.... maddie had a blast running around with all the other kids  picking up eggs and eating LOTS of candy!  She also insisted on bringing a baby in her easter basket with her :)  

My Maddie

The other day i put maddie in bed for her nap and i can usually hear her talking to her babies before she falls asleep but this day i was hearing much more... she was banging around and it was going on for about 20 minutes. i finally went in to tell her that she needed to climb into bed and take a nap but she was already in bed and snuggled up with EVERY toy she owns :)  she was halfway down her bed to make room for all her special friends.... the proof of her shelf is down below :)

Here is my little stylish diva.... we were getting ready for bed and she wanted to wear ehr aht and her slippers and then she dragged her suitcase around the house... with her babies inside of course :)