Thursday, July 30, 2009

we didn't get the chance to do our own fireworks on the fourth of july so we decided to have a spectacular firework show with the Jensens :) As you can tell the girls LOVED it, and as you can tell so did I :)

During the day we went to a little carnival ... the girls got to color a balloon, get their face painted, do a bean bag toss, fish for a prize, and eat shaved ice! I absolutely love this picture because i think it captures maddie's sassy personality! she stood in this stance for about a minute just waiting for her photo shoot to be done.... what a goober!

and here is the other side of my sweet little princess... naked, dirty, and bed head supreme!

we had a killer lightning storm the other night... i have NEVER seen anything like it before! it lasted for a pretty long time and it was steady streaks of lightning all over the sky... we caught one picture, but it doesn't do it justice!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We went for a bike ride the other day to maverick and we laughed all the way home because of this sight.... Shawn always ends up as the pack horse :) Maddie in the trailer, Mia in the Bjorn, Shawn on the Bike, and two dogs to top it off.... i really enjoyed the leisurely ride and shawn enjoyed his awesome work out!

We love to play in maddie's room every night... we read books, do puzzles, dance , and whatever else. i just thought this was super cute... i came in and shawn was reading a book with maddie in the rocker, and the best part is where he propped up Mia.... can you see? she's using Theo as a pillow :)

we went to zion for a picnic ... maddie loved the play equipment!

Mia still just lays there... but at least she's beautiful while doing it!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mia laughing...

Here is a quick snipit that our friends scott and brittany took while we were at their house , of Mia laughing.... it was so cute and she did this for about 10 minutes... her sister and daddy can really get her going :) you can't really tell but she was getting all red in the face because she was laughing so hard ...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lake Tahoe

I have been going to lake tahoe with my family since i was a baby. it was always something to look forward to each summer. So now that i have a family of my own i want to share it with them. we love to go to tahoe and camp at our favorite spots, spend the day at our favorite beaches, and a family tradition is to get a loaf of french bread and butter at raley's supermarket :) we made sure to do all these things and we had a great week spent with family :)
Maddie posing in the trees...

our first day at the beach... maddie did NOT want to ride in the kayak, but daddy didn't care

Our second day we went to sand harbor... Beautiful!!!! daddy amd maddie had fun playing in the sand...

My sweet sun Bunnies!

grandma, grandpa, and mia

bath time in the woods... not super effective, but better than nothing:)

warm and cozy...

grandpa and Mia lounging on the beach for the third day in a row :)

3 generations :)

Family Photo....

roasting marshmallows...Maddie is such the little camper!

i love a thumb sucker!

We had such a fun fourth of july this year! we began our trip to Lake Tahoe by spending a few days with grandma and grandpa in Elko. We woke up early saturday morning and ran a 5K
:) It was really fun to run a race together! Then we all got cleaned up to go to the parade. Maddie had so much fun waving to everybody and she collected a huge bag of candy!! We then had a BBQ at home and went down town to see the fireworks... We thought maddie would love them but she was just scared and nuzzling into grandma's neck the whole time... until she fell asleep :) oh well, we enjoyed them :) Fun filled day!