Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have been wanting to do something special with Maddie just the two of us... so i decided i would take her to her 1st play at Tuachan to see The Little Mermaid!! She was super excited to go!! we got dressed up and maddie looks for ANY reason to wear make up and i always say no so tonight i said YES!! i did her eyeshadow.. glitter.. lipstick and a little mascara :) and here are some pix of our date ....

i let maddie choose the restaurant and looks like i have trained her well because she picked MY favorite too!! Pizza Factory! YUM...

then we had an hour to kill since maddie was super anxious to leave on our date so i thought i would let her get her nails done... (really just a polish change :) .. she was beaming she felt so special :)... then she wanted me to get mine done too... it's way more fun when someone does it with you..

the final product!

My little mermaid :)

wating for the show to begin!

maddie with her kids treat! i got one too because i knew that mia would want a special cup when she saw maddie's :)

the play was AMAZING!!! there were tons of special effects and maddie was at the edge of her seat for the first half!! the second half she got a little tired .. she kept pointing to the exit with no words she was so tired!.. i cant blame her though.. it was 11:45 when the play was over!!

and needless to say this is what happened instantly when we got in the car ...

Worn out from all the FUN!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

campouts on the trampoline with daddy:)

Shawn took us to kanab on a job with him the other night... we got a room and had fun swimming and just being together !!

Dinner at a mexican food restaurant in Kanab... YUM!

this is what entertains our daughter while out to eat.... i'm sure the waitress loves to clean up the 20 empty sugar packets off the table and floor :)

Gymnastics!!! Maddie looks forward to her class every week!!

here are some of the baby quilts i've done recently and all you have to do to get one is have a baby... easy enough, right?! :)

and while i sew... maddie wants to "sew" too!!! she cuts up fabric and wraps it around her to make 'outfits' :) isn't she the cutest slutty bride you ever saw?!! "sew" proud :)

future clothes designer?... :)