Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay, so all of you who know Shawn well need no explanation ... for those of you who are a little less familiar with my husband should know that he is a man of many trades, is always working on something, LOVES to work :), is the worlds best networker, loves to provide for his family, and Loves a bargain.... hmmm let me rephrase that... loves to get something for FREE!! We were hanging out in the garage the other day and we got to talking about all the fun things that we have literally pulled out of the trash :) WOW we're classy! anyway, we thought it would make for a fun blog! here are a few we could think of.... ( side note: we have thouroughly cleaned all of these items.... with soap:)

here is Maddie's new "barbie" bike ... she feels so big riding it and Loves it!! This was a spectacular find... almost brand new and was in the trash because of two flat tires and a bent training wheel.... we gave it a good home and fixed it up... love it!

I don't love this chair but shawn insisted i blog it... just an ugly camping chair, but needless to say it was FREE!

i saw this rocking chair hanging out by the garbage and thought maybe shawn could fix it (one of the legs was broken) and then we could sell it on craigslist for $5 (thats 5 diet cokes)... but i love to sit in it while shawn hangs out in the garage... guess were keeping it for now !

ugly trike that i desperately want to throw back in the trash!!! but maddie loves it and all the neighborhood kids love it too... it's a hit! I still HATE it!

The window behind the wreath we got off a house shawn was demolishing.. i got a bunch of them and ended up selling quite a few :) This is a great example of how to make money off of trash :) Cute huh?

we were walking in Yorba Linda CA (where i'm from) when we saw this beauty sticking out of a trash can.. i was sooo embarrassed as shawn knocked on these strangers door and asked if we could take a looksie in their garbage .... they were way nice about it and let us take this play piece and the next beauty too..

our bath buddy! This was honestly never used... yay for free baby gear!

I spied this one... it was missing the swing part but shawn was able to make one.... we figure if maddie gets a little fun out of it , it was worth it :)

Lastly... my sweet girlies!! they love each other!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shawn decided to run the St. George marathon!!! i was so impressed how he just decided he was going to do it and then he just started running :) he worked up to 17 miles and then a 20 mile race, and then the 26.2 mile (marathon) race!! Here are some fun pix from the day :)

Each year there is a mayor's walk at 7:00 am and you walk the last mile of the marathon.... this was my second time doing it :) Here was the crew we walked along with :)

Maddie is a Ham!! this is what she does on command if i ask her to pose :) Love this little girl!

BFF for life! These two have WAY too much fun together :) they were running around in the street... clapping for the runners... and dancing to the band :)

Shawn at the finish line... (sorry it's not a better picture) he sprinted the last little bit! he's a mad man! and then i called him over to take a picture.. but he ran for the misters... a drink... a popsicle... and i didn't get my post race kiss 'till a few minutes later :( oh well i guess he was the man of the hour so he can do whatever he pleased :)

Mia sharing daddy's post race ice cream treat! i don't know if she liked it... :)

Finally a picture of the runner!!! he finished in 5 hours. then we had to walk a mile back the place the mayor's walk started... (for the record i told him that i would run back and pick up the car so he didn't have to walk another mile but he wanted to go with me.) That night you would think that he would take a load off right?... no way.. not Shawn Harris Warner :) he went to the ladies night expo an hour after getting home to help a friend out with his booth... he got home from that around 9 and then gave ME a massage! What a Man! we are so proud of your accomplishment shawnie :)