Monday, April 26, 2010

being absolutely ADORABLE!!! ... Mia has started to stand up on her own lots more recently and has taken a couple of steps on her own... hopefully she will be walking like a champ soon.... her pants and baby legs are getting trashed!!

we have been gardening!! one saturday we took the whole day and played in our back yard planting trees, flowers, and a square foot garden!! ...

here is our cute garden! i can't wait 'til i can cook with my fresh tomatoes, and other veggies!! we have already been using our fresh basil!! mmmmm!!

another family favorite lately is Hide and Seek :) Maddie requests to play this frequently!! it is sooo much fun to play with her... and everytime she finds me she instantly hides in my same hiding spot and tells me she will hide there and i should go count and try to find her :) haha.... kids are fun!!

My beautiful girlies in their easter dresses. Sadly this is the best shot i got of them in them.

Here is our cute Target kitchen that Maddie and Mia absolutely LOVE!!! so i decided it needed a minor makeover....

i thought it was in need of some ruffles :) and then the high chair didn't match so of course it needed to be covered in a matching fabric... and what would their kitchen be without a matching pot holder?! just another fun project i had fun playing with :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was soooooo excited about my latest shopping experience!! i got a call from my friend who said she had gone to albertsons and with just the coupons in the store she got boxes of cereal for about 17 cents a box!!!! i literally jumped in the truck and went straight to albertsons!!! this is what i filled my cart with!! and just take a guess at how much it all cost?!!!......................wait for it........................

wait for it....................

wait for it....................the suspense must be killing you :).........

10 DOLLA HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so we may be eating the same cereal for a while but for 25 cents a box WHO CARES !!! i was soooooo excited :)

we were able to go down to california to go to one of my good friends wedding!! Erin has been my friend since we were born:) (our moms were pregnant together)... and we have had so much fun in years past!! Erin is crazy fun and i hadn't seen her in about 7 years and i am so happy to say that she has only gotten more fun, if that's even possible!! i loved seeing her and i am so glad that we have been able to stay in touch all these years! she was such a beautiful bride!! and her wedding was at the crystal cathedral followed by an amazing reception at the grand california hotel at disneyland :)

Me and Erin, 2010 :)........and our place cards to find our seats at dinner each had a personalized photo on the back of it.... here was mine....

Me and Erin (girls in the middle) at Joy school in prob 1986?! ohhh..... how cute, our moms thought it would be fun to put matching bowls on our head :) oh wait , that's our hair! haha!! okay, and my second favorite part of this picture is the shoes i chose to wear to joy school :) this picture totally reminds me of maddie's personality!! she would totally wear her ballerina slippers everywhere... so fun!!

Shawnie hanging out at our table :) we later danced for an hour or so (this is NOT usual behavior by my husband!! i can usually only get him to dance for about a minute in our kitchen before he gets bashful and then heads out to his garage to feel more manly:) .... so i was SUPER excited to get him to dance with me!!!!

Maddie was painting in the kitchen when all of a sudden i noticed that she and her paints had dissapeared from the kitchen counter... hmmm... where are you maddie? oh, okay.... you are just painting your face black, FUN! haha... she was so proud!

SWEETEST little girl!!!! LOVE HER!!!

my own real life little dolly :)


we were lucky to have the jensens visit from salt lake ... they came to our annual neighborhood easter egg hunt and they LOVED seeing each other again!! here they are in 2010........

and a year ago in 2009.... BFF!

Mia had fun picking up candy in the grass and eating through the wrapper and of course making a HUGE mess :) gotta love oxy-clean!!

business :)

the neighborhood.... where's maddie?!

Mia's basket....

I have soooooo much fun planning special days for my girls... it is way too much fun shopping for them and i finally understand when my mom always told me that she would rather buy something for her daughter than herself :)

On easter sunday we had our friends the pratts over for dinner and an easter egg hunt :) we love the pratts and always have so much fun with them :)

Mia with her boyfriend Brooks..... they are the cutest couple :)!!!!!