Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A fun Few...

We had a snow shack this past summer and it was a hit!!! with all our high school workers going back to school we sadly had to shut it down for the season... until next summer!! but before we did that we wanted to get rid of all our excess flavors and ice!! so we set up the shack on our street and handed them out for free one night.. untill the flavors were gone :) My kids were on a sugar high to say the least!! and DIRTY!!! but it was alot of fun :)

and then our annual visit to peach days in hurricane!! we love to go and walk around and play games. our girls were enjoying their cotton candy!! i wonder if maddie knows she has a little on her face!

and then kids were walking around with their face painted and we could not find it for the life of us and we were all tired, hot, and thirsty!! so we told maddie that we would paint her face at home :) she loved the idea... i got home and took a nap but daddy didn't let his girl down.... he painted both cheeks, a kitty face and both hands! what a lucky girl...... but wait there's more! later in the day maddie got into her dress up clothes ,because heaven forbid she goes a day without stripping off a totally acceptable outfit for a mix match of princess/dance costumes, and we went out as a family to the brick oven :) i think people thought she was in some sort of dance recital and i had to tell them .. nope.. just every day apparel in our house!! ha!

My mom sent me this photo of my family (going to church i think) from probably 1983 :)
Dad, Mom, Me , Mike, and very front scott :) LOVE my family!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


so here are a few moments that i want to remember...

i met up with one of my lifelong friends, Stephanie!! we have known each since the days when we had fluffy bangs, matching sweatsuits, and scrunchee socks (in all colors)! Now we are big girls with little girls and boys of our own :) we had so much fun catching up and letting our kids play in the pool!

i know this is super un-flattering of me... but look at that little beauty next to me!! oh i cannot resist this one!! she melts me whenever i see and hold her... nothing better than a sunday afternoon nap with my baby :)

what a pair!! they are both sooooo cute!

okay.. so i have always held a special place in my heart for this frozen treat! i can remember eating them as a child in the summer :) and summers have come and gone and we have eaten a few here and there... but this summer the otter pop consumption got a little out of control! this box here would be our 8th box of the summer... meaning we have downed 800 otter pops in 1 summer!!! i think that special place in my heart has vanished!