Sunday, June 19, 2011

went to zion this past weekend to hang with the folks :)... shawn had to work so i just headed up alone with the girls ... we had a BLAST!!

nothing makes me happier than watching my girls play HAPPILY together :) spending time at the campground was definately the highlight of their trip! they had fun searching for lizards, "nice" bugs, playing in the freezing cold river, splashing in the WARM blow up pool, eating ice cream, reading books, making smores, and playing in our huge new tent ( brand new from a garage sale... $20 HOLLA!! thanks mom and pop!)

obviously worn out !! she slept for about 2 1/2 hrs in our arms... to the bus... to this nice bed on top of the table... to the bus... to the campsite!!! Wow!

LOVE this girl and her BRIGHT eyes :)

kinda made the colors whacked on this one ... my little dolly!

grandpa was having fun pouring FREEZING cold water on Mia .. but she was a good sport about it , haha!


LOVE this view :) ... DARLING GIRLS... and 1 seriously SEXY husband that looks like he belongs on a 1970's farm ... (side note: his entire outfit came out of his grandpa's closet)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

things i LOVE about Mia right now.....
1. is such a talker and has only one volume.... LOUD!
2. sleeps in till 9 am :)
3. still takes her 2-3 hr nap
4. wakes up with the messiest bed head each morning
5. is super snuggly
6. at the store she will sing at the TOP of her lungs and when i tell her to be quieter she says with her hands in the air " but i'm just singin' " ... and this is said in the softest most angelic voice :) haha
7. does EXSACTLY what maddie does
8. says she wants things "so bad" again she melts me with her cute phrases... this girl knows how to work me :)
9. goes pee pee in the potty for a "nerm" aka gummy worm :)
10. loves all bugs and calls them "nice bugs" . once maddie stomped on a bug that she was playing with and talking to and she freaked out crying that maddie had stepped on her "nice bug" when maddie took her foot off the bug was totally dead but mia told me that "no he's not dead.. he's a nice bug" and continued playing with him :) so sweet!
11. loves to swim, ride bikes with maddie, help daddy, pick out her own clothes and shoes, wear big girl panties, pee in her big girl panties, dress up, and be wrapped up like a baby so mommy can pretend she still has a newborn :)
12. says "o-tay" for okay :)


playing at mcdonalds...

this mornings bed head :)

maddie helping with my project... she is very good at glazing :)

after their friend Sione's party... i think they played hard!!

Mr. Maddie :)