Monday, March 21, 2011

I don't normally go all out for this holiday... but this year i thought we would do a few fun and novel things :)

so we started off our day with Rainbow waffles .....

and then maddie LOVES to bake with me so we made rainbow cupcakes :).....

and then finished our day with green pizza :) i think the girls had fun.... or maybe i had the most fun :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I LOVE my two little beauties!!! they are so much fun and i feel so lucky to be able to fill my days with moments like these :) sigh.... doesn't get much better than this :)

Just in case you've missed the important part of this picture... just look at how my 4 year old has developed boobies that are larger than mine :) haha!

and then they are so precious when they fall asleep.... and i LOVE that my girls sleep in all of shawns old soccer jerseys (thanks Grandma Dianne for saving them all those years :)...

Maddie has been begging me to get down my wedding dress... it was in the attic boxed up all nicely and she was dying to get her sticky hands all over it !! she changes her mind from time to time to wanting to get married and have a baby to wanting to stay at home with me forever :) sweet girl!

and since i was sure i wouldn't be able to find Mia if i attempted to put it on her i opted to sit her right on top and she was thrilled to feel apart of the party ....


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

bedtime stories?

the other night we went into the girls room to read before bed and this is what ended up happening :) They LOVE to watch tv on shawns phone .... so here they are watching a good wholesome (haha) episode of spongebob... or as Mia would call it spah bum :) Love them... they even picked out matching jammies for themselves :)