Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm obsessed!!!

Okay, so it all started with the blog that i have a button for (all things thrifty... definitely check it out)... then i ventured off onto a bloggers site that commented on "all things thrifty"... i had no idea that there was this amazing world of thrifty home design and Do it yourselfers :) i have no life anymore, all i want to do is find cool things on these blogs to re-create and design my home! my butt is surely getting flatter and wider form sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time, my trips to the DI have turned quite frequent (i would go twice a day if i had no self control.. i swear), i am buying spray paint by the cart full, and polka dots have a whole new meaning in my life (i always loved them... but they may be getting out of control :)

on my blogging journey i found the coolest entry way idea and wanted to re-create it...( go to to see the real deal) .. but i am pumped about how mine turned out!!

i love simplicity!!! so not many decorations on this wall but i LOVE my pumpkin witch!

i love these pumkins! i bought them orange at walmart for a dollar and then spiced them up with a little spray paint, polka dots and some love :) i did three little ones first and then i needed more so i bought two big pumpkins to doll up and a box to give some height to my entry way set up:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lake Powell

Our friends invited us to lake powell on a last minute weekend trip! we only went for a day and night but we had TONS of fun! it was the perfect ending to a super summer!!

here's Maddie and Shawn going tubing! maddie was so excited to go but then didn't like it so much when she was on it :)

Tanley and Maddie loved playing together!

Mia's traditional photo pose :) Sleeping :) ... Mia was having a nice little nap and then maddie came over wanting to sit by her sister. Then maddie slaps mia's back!! (mia sleeps through it) but i get mad at maddie and say "don't you hit your sister!!! she's sleeping! move away from her!!" and maddie responds, "there was a bee on mia's back!" ... haha... we thought this was pretty funny because there was definately no bee... little stinker is already making up stories to defend herself!! funny girl!

Shawn taking all the kids for a ride :)

We wore her out!! Soon after this picture we went to sleep in the back of our truck... the four of us!! it was sooo awesome to sleep under the stars together :) all snuggly... even though it did sprinkle rain on us a few times :)

Ty, Janene, and Rusty... trista must have been in the trailer :)

Special friends :)

All the kids having a dirty ol' time together :)

the girly train...

Proof i was there :) Don't you just love the mascara eyes!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We Love Summer!!

Mess #1 = Sunscreen

Mess #2 = baby powder

We love to go swimming at the pool!! Mia loves the water and as you can see maddie has quite the getup for some water action!

Jumping Jacks!! i love the picture of maddie going down the slide! haha!

Shawn is such the runner these days! i am super proud of him... the other day he ran 17 miles for fun on a saturday morning... and then he decided that the next weekend he wanted to run a 20 mile race! WOW! he is now getting ready to run the st. george marathon for the first time :) you better believe me and my girls will be at the finish line to cheer him on :) Go shawnie!!!

Here is a picture of shawn and Mia, and.....

the same picture of him and Maddie!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Maddie 2 1/2 : Maddie is getting so big!! she is the best big sister and helper around the house! She is wearing panties and has done really well with potty training. a few fun things to remember :)

- she tells me her princesses are proud of her (the princesses on her panties.. for not peeing in them :)
- loves to go swimming
- talks about disneyland daily (i think disneyland made a huge impact on her life :)
- crawls into our bed in the middle of the night EVERY day.... i've given up!
- when she goes potty she wants us to "close the door and lock it and close it and lock it"
- LOVES to talk on the phone and throws a fit when i don't let her answer it
- is still the world's best snuggler
- loves to go to nursery and is doing well to stay in there alone now ... yay!
- sings all the time... abc's, sunbeam, happy birthday, annie song 'tommorow', alligator,etc...
- tells me she wub's (loves) me often
- is daddy's little buddy and wants to help him with whatever he is doing!
- lately if something is broken then she says " it's okay mommy, daddy will fix it "
- says the all time cutest prayers all by herself!! she thanks heavenly father for mommy daddy and mia and blesses the food and sometimes adds something more... she will always remind us at meal time if we've forgotten :)

Mia 6 months: Mia is growing up fast too.. she is so sweet and such a good baby!! some fun things about mia are...

- she can sit up by herself for a few seconds to a minute at a time...
- she has two teeth and is drooling like mad so i think she might be teething.
- she likes to talk and make noises
- she laughs in the tub when maddie splashes around
- eats baby food twice a day and loves it!!
- is trying hard to feed baby puffs to herself... and succeeds sometimes :)
- doesn't like to snuggle because she wants to see everything thats going on
- loves to read books with maddie
- she loves to play with our faces :)