Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Maddie...

i am so PROUD of my little maddie!! she is such a sweet little girl with such a sweet spirit :) each day i get to know her a little better and i feel so lucky that this beautiful little lady was sent to me !!!

a few things about Maddie (age 4)....
- she has a FUN personality and ATTITUDE :)
-she just started preschool and LOVES it!!
-she started dance too and wants to go everyday... (sadly we have to wait a whole week in between classes )
-she is an AWESOME big sister... she really watches over mia and is soooo excited when mia wakes up from her nap so she can have her little friend with her :)
- she has a thing for tucking in her shirt at the moment... {drives me a little crazy sometimes}
- is a fish in the pool... can swim NO problem with no help and has swam to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve her dive toys!!!
- gets embarassed when talking about boys she likes :)
- loves soup... haha... she will honestly finish an entire can of progresso by herself!!
- maddie is a HAM!! she is super theatrical and when she hears music she will interperet accordingly ...
- has been in my stroller on a walk almost everyday for 4 1/2 years!!
- asks to paint her toenails and finger nails daily!!!
- bites her toenails... eeewwww!!
- tells me i look hot when i have gotten dressed up :) thanks mads!
- one day i told maddie that my dad used to pay me a nickel for swiming laps in the pool (an extremely good idea for wearing kids out!!) and maddie asked if she could?... yeah sure!! have at it.. i will pay you 1 nickel for each short lap you swim. she continued to swim 20 LAPS!!!! wow.. she definately earned her 20 nickels :)
- still likes to come sleep in our bed at night but she is currently working on this and getting much better...
- loves to take baths
- says the most amazing prayers... so heartfelt and different each day.
- ...and there is so much more but these are just a few that instantly came to my mind :)

LOVES her daddy!!

they get super silly together :) shawn is the BEST dad ever and i lvoe to see the girls run to him when coming home from work!!

one of maddies more... "colorful" outfits!! she looks like she belongs in florida :) haha...

one of maddie's first days of preschool.... as you can see the tucked in shirt strikes again!

what would i do without this girl in my life?!!! she is soooo much fun and brings so much joy to our house!!