Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We went down to California to go to my cousins wedding and shawn's sis. baby blessing :) and of course i have NO pictures of these but i do have pictures of the rest of the trip :) on Monday after our fun weekend of being with both our families i sent my cute little husband on his way so that i could spend another week in cali with my mom and my niece and nephew :)..... why not right?! My mom was watching my neice and nephew while my brother and sister in law went to italy :) the kids had so much fun playing with each other and all of grandma's fun toys!!

Aiden's baseball game :)....

went to the movies to see Rio....

of course we ate at Ruby's Diner :) mmmm..... and my kids LOVE cherries!!!

we went on walks in the mornings and fed the ducks and went to the park...

and my FAVORITE was going to the beach 2 times :)... maddie loved playing by the water and Mia just wanted to sit by me up on the sand :)

we also had fun playing legos.... swimming.... chuck-e-cheese....bedtime stories...and just being at grandma's house :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

My sweet babies and me on Mother's day!! i am the luckiest mom alive to be able to take care of these little darlin's :)

that morning i woke up to find handmade cards and beautiful hand picked flowers from my mom's backyard :) LOVED them!!

My cute mom with 4 of her 6 grandkids :) she is the BEST mom and grandma ever!!! i love her more than she knows!!