Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We had a fun time finding our christmas tree this year and we found it in record time due to the two little girls that started crying because of the cold 5 minutes into our journey :) haha... we are sand babies... not snow bunnies :)

Daddy and his girls.... my favorite sight.

going to get our tree we picked out once the girls are snuggled up in the car again :)

2 minute before this picture there were tears streaming down her face because she was cold...

can you spy a cute little girl in the back window?

we have literally taken a different vehicle every year!! shawn has commitment issues with his cars :)

the final product.... makes me smile.

maddie was being so sweet to mia... she was teaching her how to bake :)

the girls were so excited to go see santa and they both just hopped right up and they held hands the whole time!! i think it was comforting to them :) precious! Maddie asked for a bike and Mia asked for a pink blanket :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We went to Elko this year for thanksgiving and had a fun time with the Fam!! The girls Loved playing with all of Grandma's fun toys :)

Mia slept through thanksgiving dinner....

Mia rocking all of Grandma's jewelry :)