Friday, July 23, 2010

My maddie is such a fun girl!! We have sooooo many fun times together and i feel so blessed that she was sent to me :) she has entertained us many times in the past with her stories, dances, sassy attitude, and truthfulness :) i often forget to write down (for me this is where my blogging comes in handy) all the things i'd like to remember in the future.... and occasionally i catch a few and remember to write them down :) so here i am remembering one of the latest ....

maddie had just woken up from bed and shawn went in to see her in the morning.

shawn-"hi honey, how did you sleep?"
maddie- "i'm sick"
shawn- "oh?.... what's wrong"
maddie-"i'm dying..."
shawn- "huh?!"
maddie- "...i'm dying to go to disneyland."

hahaha!!! i thought that was soooo funny! especially for the first words out of her mouth in the morning :) cute girl... i bet she'll be excited when we show up at the magic kingdom in August with grandma !! yay!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

When summer hits we LOVE to spend most of our time outdoors :) and when the temperature rises water makes everything better :) so here are a couple water activities we have had fun doing ...

went to one of the many splash pads around to get cooled off :) the girls were asked to smile and this is what i got!! haha!

why do kids get a kick out of sitting on the water?! WEIRD! anyway.. mads is doing just that :)


We were invited to go to the lake with some friends who brought their jet skis.. the kids had tone of fun getting pulled around :)

and today maddie wanted to paint... and so did mia :) so i set them up and they had a blast!! notice our children's outfits?... this is a common outfit for the warner children in these hot months!!! LOVE a naked baby :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

some Fun pics from our 4th of july weekend!!

Mia in her 4th of july church outfit :)....

maddie hasn't been super willing to smile for the camera lately.. but she was super excited to pose with barbie... whatever works!!

my cute little family going for a ride on daddy's motorcycle :) they are Daddy's girls!!

what's a 4th of july weekend without watermelon?... my favorite summer snack!!

and here is the big kahuna!!! our friends bought this bad boy for an explosive fun time :)

here is maddie in her jammies... i help her pick out her outfits for the daytime.. and this is why! she is very creative with her clothing choices :) haha!! silly girl !

the fireworks were EVERLASTING... they kept going and going and going!! we started to light 4 or 5 at a time... they were super loud too! i'm sure the neighborhood loved us :)

cute kids!

the end result... lots of smoking trash. and notice the kids roasting marshmallows in the post fireworks fire in the back?.... shawn had to later use a fire extinguisher to put it out.

my little doll.... both of my kids put their hair in their ears when they are tired!! weird, i know!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

{ RanDOm }

all dressed up for a picnic outside :)

Maddie wanted to pretend she was Mia... high chair, sippie, baby face, baby talk, and of course i had to call her "Mia" :) silly girl!

my sweet princess... she has LOVED dancing lately! she puts on that tutu.. turns up the jams.. and boogies!

this girl cracks me up!!

friends having a popcorn party and watching a movie :)

maddie wanted me to "come over to her house"... it was located under our desk :) mia quickly joined in on the fun!!

k mom... that should hold you 'till the fourth of july?! love you!