Saturday, May 30, 2009


Maddie poops on the potty!!!! for the last five days Maddie has taken it upon herself to tell us that she needs to go on the potty.  So she runs into the bathroom very excited... i ask if she needs help and that is a BIG NO!   then she very politely says "bye bye mommy"  my cue to leave the room apparently :)  and then she runs out after the deed is done to have me come and see and jump around with her :)  the joys of being a mother... celebrating over poop :)  haha...  And my favorite part of the story is the other day as i was cleaning and maddie was on the potty, i could here her singing  "shake, shake, shake... shake your booter"  which translated is booty :)  I sometimes find it hard to breathe i am so happy!  i love my little family... i have the best and cutest husband... and two beautiful girls that put a smile on my face that won't fade!  

Also Mia had a milestone too.... she giggled for the first time the other day :)  We were feeding the ducks the other day and Mia would not take her eyes off them and she had the biggest grin that turned into the cutest giggle!  What Fun!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Mix ...

Tubby time  :)  Maddie and Mia love tubby time together.. maddie likes to help me wash mia and Mia loves to watch Maddie of course! 

I love a sleeping baby... soooooo sweet!

Diaper girls.... hopefully the girlie on the left will graduate to panties soon even though potty training scares me to death!  

pool party!  We love to go to the pool after our naps :) and it's super fun when we find friends there too!  Maddie and Addie are so cute and funny together... they will talk about each other all day long just wanting to play together and then when they finally get together they fight almost the whole time :)  It's a Love Hate relationship ... but we know they truly LOVE each other :)

Pizza Factory for Lunch ... nothing like a good salad, breadstick, Diet coke and honey butter :)  mmmmm...

Bright Eyes...

Twinners for church!  It's not the best picture but i had to show how cute they look in their dresses.... Thanks Megan!  we love them!

nothing like a good bribe to take pictures :)

Daddy with his girls...

I love this picture... First of all maddie picked out her own jammies and decided that she wanted to wear her ET shirt and watch the movie ET too... (the shirt is shawn's from when he was a liittle boy)  .. then she picked her princess pants and shoes on the wrong feet to top it off. She was way tired and just whining on the couch and then she got really quiet and yes... she fell asleep standing up... haha!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This past sunday i gave maddie a few dresses to choose from for church.  She instantly chose her "princess dress" and was thrilled to pieces to get to wear it :)  Then as i was looking for a matching bow she spied the crown in her bow jar ... it was all over from there!  She insisted on wearing it :)  i thought okay fine wear it while i get ready and then i will make the switch when she's not looking so we don't like we are on our way to a theme park :)  Right when we were leaving  i went to make the switch but oooohhh no she was not going to have it!  She just loved looking at herself in the mirror , haha.  So i let her wear it.  Don't you just love when they start to have a mind of their own :)  I LOVE my little princess!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Mix ...

maddie wanted to sleep in her mittens :)  and see the space between my girls?  this is where mommy gets to sleep ... i swear i am a magnet for children in the night ... oh well one day i will be sleeping soundly,comfortably, no interruptions, no jabs, no spit up, no snacking visitors, and i will wish i was back to these days :)  ...Right?

I caught a smile !

Not to be outdone... maddie poses for the camera!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So here is how the story goes.... We don't have church until 1:00 on sundays and the time always seems to drag and then we end up getting irritated with everything... so we thought why not go enjoy the great outdoors before church... we woke up early and thought we should use our annual pass to the parks since we live so close :)  we began getting ready.. before we know it, it has taken us an hour to load everything.  oh well we still have time.  We drive to the park and get things ready to go on a short walk/hike.  Change Mia's diaper... get maddie in the hiking pack.. pack snacks, wipes, and diapers... get mia in her bjorn... oops time to feed Mia.  Okay so we are finally off with the fam and dogs and then we find out dogs can only go on one trail.   okay... take the dogs back and tie them up outside the car so they don't die of the heat.  Now we are on our way!  yay... uh oh time is ticking.   We get on the shuttle and get off at the lodges, mmm that ice cream looks really good!  we get some  ice cream and yep Mia pooped.... so we find a tree to sit under and change Mia.  We finally get on the trail and see some beautiful waterfalls.  Time is ticking faster.... Maddie we have to go!  But maddie is on foot now and we all know how fast a two year old hikes :)  Okay the time we were shooting for to leave by to make it to church is long gone.. we get back on the bus and Mia poops out everywhere.... i bet the passengers loved that smell :)   we get back to the car and i have one wipe left to clean Mia's buns....lucky me! oh yah i forgot... krissy, shawn's sister was going to meet us to come to church with us... we didn't have our cell phone on the hike and we wanted to let her know that we were probably not going to make it so we used a pay phone and our credit card to call her... when we got home and checked our bank account it was a 25 DOLLAR PHONE CALL!   oops!  So all in all we had ton of fun (although it may not come across that way)  we figured it was worth it to miss church to have such a memorable sunday morning with our beautiful girls!  

we all got a treat on the way home!