Sunday, June 21, 2009

catch up ...

Grandma "mama" came to visit this past week and we have had a blast!  Maddie just adores her mama... they play, shop, nap, swim, sleep, clean, watch movies, and sing together :) and mia loves to be cuddled by her.... 

Maddie was sleeping ON the couch today and after we ate dinner this is how we found her.... She had fallen off! ouchie, but she didn't seem to mind... she slept right through it :)

Dress up in mommy's closet

My little flower girl :) sooo kissable!

Addie came over to play the other day and they had so much fun playing in maddie's kitchen :)  They are so funny when they get together, they get silly ideas and just love to laugh and play together :)

Mia tried rice cereal for the first time the other day!  I can't believe she is getting so big so quickly!  She seemed to like it okay, but i think she needs a little time to get used to it because she didn't down it like i thought she would :)  Maybe some pears would help it go down a little easier :)