Monday, February 21, 2011

Here are some more pictures of fun things we have been up to :)
My {SWEET} little mia :) she was ready to go get the mail :)

Trying on grandma's vintage hats....
maddie had all sorts of winning poses :) haha!

My Birthday Lunch at pizza factory... they give you a free pizza in the shape of your age on your birthday .... thank you Anna for that most wonderful information !! it was delicious!!

Maddie tried on her blessing dress... still fits! actually much better now than the day she was drowning in it!!

early to rise for our huge garage sale!!! my friends Darice and Janell came down and brought all their bunches of stuff to add to mine and we sold a grand total of about 1,000 dollars!!!! money money money!! theni of course went shopping that night :)

My 2 beautiful little valentines girls :) we spent the day going to the movies (gnomeo and juliet) and then came home and had a nice dinner in that night :)

This year Maddie and Mia wanted a Hello Kitty Birthday party!!! i was thrilled to do it since there is Tons of fun things out there that are hello kitty :) i had so much fun making the cake this year... i tried fondant for the top and then made the hello kitty cake bites for each cupcake ... i thought they turned out pretty cute :)the party was fun and girly ... we did face painting ate lunch, did a prize walk, pinned the bow on hello kitty, and cracked open a pinata!! the girls loved all their new toys and i love my yearly picture of them with their dad :) i can't believe my babies are 2 and 4!!!!

we just can't get enough california... and i figure while my girls are not in school we might as well live it up right?!! so we headed down for a week before all of our birthdays :) and of course we did our usual shopping.. and i am a sucker for disneyland now that my girls LOVE it.. so we had to go there too :)

It was so nice to go to disneyland in february!! there was nobody there and we walked right onto most rides :) the best!!! the only bummer was there were a few rides closed for repairs including splash mountain :( so sad!! but maddie had fun going on some of the big girl rides that she is recently tall enough for !! yay!! thunder mountain was so much fun with her!!!

grandma let them each pick a prize and maddie knew right away what she wanted when she saw the umbrellas :) just like mary poppins! mia picked a dumbo baby but when maddie went to get her umbrella she stuck her hands out to recieve hers :) she obviously didn't understand that she had already picked her prize.. grandma was a sucker and ended up getting her a mini one too :) haha!

and as if we didn't have enough junk food at disneyland... maddie wanted mcdonalds for dinner and we thought we would just go out with a bang :) they had a pajama party picnic in the living room with happy meals and a movie :) what a fun day!!!

and off to chuckee cheese!!! we went to chuckee cheese with my brother and his kids :) the kids had fun spending way too many tokens and just playing with their cousins:) grandma even brought valentine surprises to have a little valentine party :)
mia was emily's little shadow!! they went on this ride a bunch of times.. mia was mesmorized :)

we always have too much fun at grandma's house... and maddie is already asking to go back :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If you see me today, wish me a happy birthday!