Monday, February 22, 2010

Our girls birthdays are one day apart and so this year i wanted to do something extra special for Maddie and Mia's first shared party. Maddie loves her cowboy boots and for a time she loved to watch the rodeos on tv .. so i decided it might be fun to have a cowboy party :) i have so much fun planning a party and this party was no exception ! the only bummer was that it was supposed to be at the park (since we have been having such beautiful sunny days lately) and of course the day of the party the rain came down ... oh well, we moved the party to our house and i think it was just as fun :) here are a few pictures......

The cake... i had NO idea what i was going to do for this until i just started to make it and i think it came out pretty cute ... i was happy!

Pin the tail on the pony!

cowboy/girl dress up station :)

one of the birthday girls :) i can't believe she's 1 already!

a cowboy family :) shawn loves any reason to wear his cowboy shirt! isn't he SEXY!

the other birthday girl!

i love the look on her face here when everyone was singing to them :) she was sooooo happy!

Friends :)

Mia eating her very LARGE cupcake :) i was hoping she would get way into it.. but both of my girls must be little ladies because neither of them made a mess like i was wishing for :)

we had a special visitor for the party... trigger the minature horse!! it was a hit ! what's a cowboy party without a pony?

we had such a fun day and we were so glad so many friends and family could come and spend the special day with us!! (don't we look amish?)

every year we take a picture in the same spot with shawn and the girls :) here is this years batch!

Maddie Jane .. 3yrs old!

Mia June... 1 yr old!

2 happy girls and 1 happy dad :)

Mia at the park on her special day!

we had a tutu photo shoot because every girl deserves to get dressed up in a tutu on her birthday :) we just did it in our front yard and i figured if i took enough i was sure to get a few winners ?! i think i got a few cute ones...

for some reason i think the ones where mia is getting tortured are just funny :)

Valentines Day!

We had a fun valentines day this year... we went to church, came home to have a special valentines dinner with my mom and shawn's sister krissy :) the girls loved opening their little valentines stockings and we all spent quite a bit of time in the backyard that day because the weather was BEAUTIFUL! i absolutely ADORE my family .... and i am so lucky to have a wonderful husband who loves me and two girls who bring me so much joy!!

and..... my little daddy's girl! this is one of my favorite pictures lately.... shawn said she was helping him "fix" the car for about a half hour just super content under the truck banging around with her tool :) funny girl!

Monday, February 15, 2010

i recently re-decorated my bedroom... i found this comforter i LOVE and started working around it :) i bought the furniture on craisgslist and painted and glazed them and of course added new hardware :) then i found my lamps on clearence at tj max! and my "W" at kohls (i love this w... so silly but i just think it's so cute ! it was black and i painted it silver :) i recovered my old pillows and painted the branches on the wall! i am really happy with the final look of the room and the best part is shawn LOVES it!

and i covered my kitchen chairs! they were so dirty from maddie eating, painting, play doughing, etc... and finally i decided it was time to rejuvinate these babies! it was only $20 and so i figure if they get disgusting again then i can just recover again right?! but for now i love them... they add just the right amount of funk!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A SMILE..... today i was getting ready for the day (don't mind the fact that it is 2:00 in the afternoon:) and i am just doing my thing and i look down to find Maddie curled up asleep on my bathroom floor.... oooohhh how cute! and now i am doing my hair glad that i don't have to worry about maddie pulling mia's hair or stealing her toy... when i look down to find mia has fallen asleep too! how often does this sort of thing happen?!.... this was a second nap for both of them and it's not like they were in some super comfty and quiet place! anyway needless to say i ran and grabbed my camera before i transferred them to their beds :)

and A TEAR... we sadly found our sweet puppies new homes. We have been thinking of giving them away for awhile now and we decided that we really can't give them enough attention since we are ,of course, focused on our sleepy princesses :) Luckily we found them each a great home with nice people that will spoil them with love and affection! We have had these pups for about as long as we've been married and are super sad to see them go. today is my first day of having to bend over and actually pick up the crumbs from my girls lunches.... no dog vacuum anymore! we love you Vince and Theo!