Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

My sweet little Belle.... i had so much fun making maddie's dress this year! and i think she had just as much fun wearing it! we even put makeup on her (which she loved)!!

and doesn't she just make the perfect snow white?!! my mom made her dress and i think she did a fabulous job!!! i just can't look at her in her cute little costume without giggling :) haha!

they were all smiles when they got ready in their costumes :)

the warner fam... no theme this year but we all had fun dressing up!!

walking in the parade at the trunk or treat.. they came home with a bundle of candy!!

i was the pumpkin carver this year... i love the hello kitty one :)

my kids ate way too much candy .. mia was bouncing off the walls late into the night!! bed time came much later that night :)

another one of my halloween treats that i thought came out cute.... candy corn rice krispie treats :) cute huh?!


Liz Smith said...

aww...your girls are the cutest princesses ever!! glad you had a great weekend. happy halloween!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness!!! Maddie's costume is incredible! You did such a wonderful job :) And I love Mia's costume too, so cute, she is the perfect little Snow White. What cute little girls they are :) Loved the pumpkins too, and the rice krispy treats!!! So cute, you'll have to tell me the secret :)

Leslee said...

When I looked at the picture of Maddie and Mia together all I could think was how darling they are NOW and how beautiful they'll be in 12 years when you'll have to station Shawn at the door to keep all the cute boys away... get ready for it... seriously, they looked so cute... and your Hello Kitty Pumpkin (with the bow)... too cute... I'd never seen those rice krispy treats like that... how cute... your middle name must be MARTHA... (stewart that is)... so glad the costumes were loved by Mia and Maddie...

Amanda said...

You guys seriously need to have lots and lots of babies!!! They are sooooo beautiful! What a fantastic job on their costumes, they are such dolls!