Wednesday, October 27, 2010

california.. the repeat :)

we had so much fun in california in august that we just couldn't wait a whole year to do it again so we went back and pretty much did the same trip again.. and yes, it was just as fun as the first time !!!

the second we got to grandma's house maddie ran up to my mom and whispered in her ear, "can we PLEEAASE go to Disneyland.. it would make me soooo happy!" and here we are again at disneyland... it was so worth it :) lines were short with it being so rainy all weeklong.. luckily the day we went was blue skies!!

so happy to meet tigger :)

and mia wasn't so sure of winnie the pooh... which is why i'm in the picture holding her above :)

this pretty much sums up our day right here :) a sucker in one hand and popcorn in the other... it was an everything goes kinda day.... the best kind!!! you want a sucker before lunch?.. you got it.... popcorn too.. coming right up :) Its so much fun to spoil your kids every once in a while :)

my little lover :)

Mia was a grandma's girl all week... seriously wanting nothing to do with me :) i finally got to enjoy my dinners in peace :)

grandma with 4 of the 6 grand babies ...

Chuck-e-cheeses (sp?) we wanted to go to the pumpkin patch but it was rainy and super muddy... so that ended up being a no go.. but we wanted to do something fun for the kids that day so we headed over to play games at the cheesiest place in town :) it was tons of fun! i LOVE ticket games... me and maddie were running around that place having so much fun!! maddie loved this horse ride .. it was cute :)

maddie's BFF.... haha! we spent a good five minutes talking to this cute little manequin!! maddie gave her a name that i can't remember and she wanted a picture with her friend! it was pretty funny.. people were totally staring at us :) i wonder why ?!! mia befriended the dog ...

**Random extra** i made these halloween cookies and i thought they turned out pretty cute :) gotta love jack!


Hdub said...

Someone else who loves JACK as much as I do. Wow, Laura, why can't we live closer to each other!?

Brittany said...

Those cookies are amazing! Disneyland looks like so much fun! We miss you guys!

Leslee said...

Everyone needs to have a day once in a while where "no" is not allowed... and we worked that Disney day... we succeeded in not using the word all day! Lots of fun having you come... again... to relive our August fun... I'm still finding cheerios under the couches and when I do I say to myself, "awwwhhh... how cute"... gotta love those little cheerio eaters...xoxo Mom

Anna said...

What a fun time! I love that you repeated your super fun trip :) I would love to go back to Disneyland too! Addie also loves those mannequins, too funny. And I also bought that brown/pink shirt that the girls are wearing for Addie--again great minds think alike :) Loved the cookies too, super creative as always :)

Kurtis and Iva said...

Looks like you girls had lots of fun!

Amanda said...
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