Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Camping in Zion

We met my parents in zion for a couple days of fun camping!! we had a blast spending time together and took a TON of pictures in the 2 short days we were there :) so here we go in no particular order....

maddie and mia in grandma and grandpa's tent... grandma ALWAYS has a bag of tricks with her and the girls always LOVE it!!!

maddie fell down and i don't even think she got a scratch... but daddy got his trusty first aid kit that he always has in his car and never uses and fixed maddie up :) she was having the time of her life playing the patient and was limping around :) then of course mia fell and the doctor kit came out again!!

grandpa and maddie... i remember as a kid i used to always ride on my dads shoulders :)

my dad is such a dork! :)

maddie and mia took turns riding in the backpack...

family picture :) love the 80's pose maddies rockin'!!

tuckered out from being carried on a hike ... we didn't have a blanket so we threw down a newspaper to keep her off the cold damp grass :)

we got ice cream from the lodge while mia was sleeping and the second she heard ice cream her head popped up and was ready for her cone :)

pedi party!!

tubby time.... i LOVE a clean baby..

cute sisters!

when we ask maddie how big she is getting she straightens up and then goes up on her toes and now mia copies her to show us how big she is too!!

surprise face!

this is us trying to take a family picture by ourselves...

mia loves her "gaga" grandma!


Anna said...

What fun!!! We love Zions, so glad you could meet your parents there. Love all the pictures, my favorite being the tubby time! You crack me up, tubby time and pedis while camping, that's sweet :) We need to meet up and go camping again sometime.

Leslee said...


Leslee said...

Loved the pictures and the trip to Zion with you guys... lots of fun! The girls picture is darling... two little sisters who will look like twins soon as soon as they catch up with each other sizewise! Dad loved the roadkill picture... what was he thinking... what was Shawn thinking when he took it... yikes... Anyway, we had lots of fun hiking, playing, looking for lizards, doing all the stuff we all do! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Mom

Brad and Kaci said...

How fun! I love all the pictures. You guys rock as parents......always doing something fun!

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