Friday, March 26, 2010

What we're up to...

Sorry Grandma's.... i've been a bad blogger lately :) hopefully these cute pictures will make up for the lack of posts lately!! We have had some funny moments in our household lately.... it's sure never dull with two sweet little girls to entertain us :) so here it goes... some fun and RaNDom moments !

One of my latest projects ... my friend darice needed some centerpieces for a baby shower and so this is what i came up with :) the two cakes on the ends are diaper cakes and the one in the center i made to try to mimic the diaper cakes but it's a real cake :) i thought they turned out pretty cute...

mia is becoming soooo playful!! i love it... she is so happy all the time and laughs easily. likes to play peek-a-boo and other fun games with us.

She is also a little lady... loves to put necklaces on, read books in maddie's bean bag chair, and basically likes to copy everything her sister is doing.

I couldn't resist blogging this picture :) hahaha!! i think it is such a cute crying picture.... sooooo DRAMATIC!

i found maddie the other day like this.... she decided to do her own dishes :) she washed all of them and put them in the dishwasher... and i love that she brings this stool everywhere she can't reach lately :)

Mia fell asleep like this the other day.... it's kind of hard to see, but she is sitting straight up and she was just wobbling back and forth .. funny!

Our little fahionista.... dressed for the day all by herself ... bet you couldn't have guessed that one :)

and the latest cute picture is from this morning when mia woke up around 7 and then while shawn was showering and she was playing in the bathroom she fell asleep on the tile!! sleepy head! shawn then moved her to the rug at least and threw a towel over her... she slept in another hour :) yay!

and maddie has done so good to sleep in her own bed all night every night, but last night she snuck in! but i think it is funny how she takes this purse EVERYWHERE!! she has the most random things in it and of course she wouldn't sneak into our bed without it!


Anna said...

Okay the cakes are so cute, you are way too creative. It was so fun to see all the pictures of the girls, I can't believe Mia is playing and being so grown up. I love how your girls fall asleep in the most random places and ways, cracks me up. I love Maddie's jumper, jealous that she already has a tan :) And yay for you that she is sleeping her in own bed for the most part now :) What a long comment, sorry I'm just so glad you blogged :)

Jess said...

So... I just realized I commented for this post on your Mexico post... yep, I'm a dork! LOL! But Mexico looks like a lot of fun! And, your center pieces rock! I couldn't even tell the middle one was a cake until you pointed it out. NICE WORK!

Liz Smith said...

i love the diaper cakes. wow, laura, you are sooo talented. :) and your girls are always so adorable. i love the pictures. :)

Leslee said...

It makes my day to go into Warner Family blogger and find you've added pictures... yippee!!! And these are priceless... loved Mia sitting up sleeping in her bed... loved Maddie's "vampy" picture in black boots (yours)... loved Maddie doing her "dishes" using her stool. Loved them all! Your cakes turned out so cute... can't tell which was the edible one! xoxo Mom