Friday, January 30, 2009

My sweet baby

Maddie usually likes to fall asleep with one or two of her toys, but today she decided that every baby she owns deserved her company :)  we were laying on the couch together and before i knew it she was out and i thought she just looked like a doll herself among all her other babies ...She makes me smile with everything she does!

Monday, January 26, 2009

So we are finally finished with Mia's room :)  here is the final result.... 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Maddie Update

Maddie Jane - 23 months 
- still a snuggle bum
- loves her friends
- taps the pillow for us to lay by her when going to sleep
- likes to pick out her own clothes (however her mother tries to limit this one so she doesn't look like a bum :)
- Loves shoes
- Favorite movies at the moment include.... Annie (nannie), Alice in Wonderland (dat), and monsters inc. (momers.. baby)
- runs away from diaper changes
- Kisses Mia in my belly and tries to feed her through my belly button
- testing to see if she can get away with sneaking into our bed at night
- LOVES her daddy
- calls every meal derna (dinner)
- learned to say her whole name :)
- calls grandma, mama and grandpa, papa
- loves to carla (color)
- Some favorite snacks include sussys (fruit snacks), oranges, chicken nuggets, any juice, rasins, rice cakes, cheese, and mommy's drink (slap on the hand for me giving her sips of my diet coke :)
- the Sweetest daughter and we love her soooooo much!

Monday, January 12, 2009

So my pregnancy all in all has gone really well.  I have yet to be sick and have been feeling really good to keep up with the holidays and other fun stuff..... but i have finally hit the "no fun" wall real hard!  Those of you who have had hard pregnancies would laugh, i'm sure, but i have no energy anymore... i cry at least once a day (for no reason might i add)... my belly is HUGE... My back hurts, and i can't get comfortable at night.  So reading my own words i realize this is nothing new, but it still sucks!  so any way on a happier note the things that make my world go round these days would include.... when my sweet sister-in-law comes to babysit so shawn and i can go to the temple or the movies :) , Jimmy Johns salt and vinegar chips, watching the bachelor and the biggest loser while eating peanut butter cookies or some other yummy treat :) , and hot tubby's !  also enjoy the pic because i think it is the first belly shot.. and probably the last considering i avoid the camera at all costs these days :)