Friday, January 16, 2009

Maddie Update

Maddie Jane - 23 months 
- still a snuggle bum
- loves her friends
- taps the pillow for us to lay by her when going to sleep
- likes to pick out her own clothes (however her mother tries to limit this one so she doesn't look like a bum :)
- Loves shoes
- Favorite movies at the moment include.... Annie (nannie), Alice in Wonderland (dat), and monsters inc. (momers.. baby)
- runs away from diaper changes
- Kisses Mia in my belly and tries to feed her through my belly button
- testing to see if she can get away with sneaking into our bed at night
- LOVES her daddy
- calls every meal derna (dinner)
- learned to say her whole name :)
- calls grandma, mama and grandpa, papa
- loves to carla (color)
- Some favorite snacks include sussys (fruit snacks), oranges, chicken nuggets, any juice, rasins, rice cakes, cheese, and mommy's drink (slap on the hand for me giving her sips of my diet coke :)
- the Sweetest daughter and we love her soooooo much!


Jess said...

Maddie is so stinkin' cute! If she comes up missing one day, you might want to check my house first.

Leslee said...

I can't wait to experience firsthand all the new things she is doing and saying... I love how you say she "pats" the pillow for you to lay down by her... soooo cute! xoxo Mom

jakeandstephanietaylor said...

How cute! I love writing how they REALLY say things...its the best!

Anna said...

Addie misses Maddie so much, she talks about her constantly and what she may be doing. We need to get together ASAP, we are going through withdrawals.

Ty and Janene said...

Way cute! I miss hangin with you Laura we need to get together. PS tell Shaun he needs to hang my chandelier I am sick of asking Ty.