Friday, August 26, 2011

My Little Mia....

This is what my cutie pie looks like on a daily basis :).. haha!! panties and boots! somehow we always end up here at the end of the day :)

Stealing Brownies!!

{ Fun Facts about Mia right now }

- Mia is 2 1/2
- she LOVES to mimic her older sister
- she loves any stuffed animal
- can do a killer booty shake...
- is still my squishy baby.. so fun to cuddle!!
- loves to talk at all times and has 1 volume.... LOUD! does get shy when strangers talk to her :)
- pees & poops in the potty!! and not many accidents!! yay!
- still sleeps in her crib because i can't bear to mess with her WONDERFUL sleeping habits... she goes to bed easily and still takes 2-3 hr naps :) happy mommy!!
- favorite foods are apple juice, watermelon, cantaloupe, any fruit, peanuts, chicken nuggets, lemonade, PIZZA, popsicles, pez, waffles, and pretty much she is not a picky eater :)
- she is a funny friend... always making us laugh!!
-she loves to play dress up, babies, barbies...
- 99% of the time she wakes up a happy girl... and then there is the 1% when she wakes up and buries her head
because she is MAD and doesn't want ANYTHING :)
- maddie hardly lets her choose the movies but when she does get to pick its often coraline or Tangled
- is a great swimmer and will swim anywhere in the pool with floaties
- is miss independent
-her vocabulary is amazing!
-gives sweet puckered lips kisses
- cannot put into words how cute she really is and the joy she brings to our lives :)


Leslee said...

Mia is a little doll, I second the motion. I love all her cute little ways... especially love to watch her play with Maddie when they don't know anyone is watching... so cute... they just play and follow each other... love Mia's vocabulary... amazing... she can really "tell you all about it"... also love watching Maddie and Mia run (from behind)... they're so cute and usually running in their boots! Love these little girls!

Anna said...

What a cutie! Your girls are way too cute :) And your Cali trip sounded so fun, I can't believe another year has come and gone, so crazy :) Love ya and miss ya!

Hdub said...

Such a pretty little girl!

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