Friday, August 19, 2011

Cali trip 2011!!

Off to Grandmas house again!! and as usual we wore ourselves out!!! we spend 2 weeks using every minute wisely so we can get in the most fun possible :) love love love the time spent with my mama !!

Airplane ride ... first year i had to buy 3 tickets!!!! it was fun to have an entire row to ourselves :) maddie loves the jetblue tvs!!

Disneyland day....

and a chuck-e-cheese night :)

and we visited our friends again... they are like family :)

Grandmas hats :) they LOVE to try on my moms vintage hats!! LOVE mia's eyes in this one !!


Leslee said...

Loved the picture of Mia in the hat! What a fun time we had... I have a truckload of pictures I'll be blogging soon... you guys couldn't possibly have had as good a time as I did with you and your two dolls... it's always so much fun ... even though we do have to sleep occasionally (usually when it's dark) before we can start our new days... as usual, it seemed like one long continuous day of fun.... love you... Mom

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