Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lake Powell

Our friends invited us to lake powell on a last minute weekend trip! we only went for a day and night but we had TONS of fun! it was the perfect ending to a super summer!!

here's Maddie and Shawn going tubing! maddie was so excited to go but then didn't like it so much when she was on it :)

Tanley and Maddie loved playing together!

Mia's traditional photo pose :) Sleeping :) ... Mia was having a nice little nap and then maddie came over wanting to sit by her sister. Then maddie slaps mia's back!! (mia sleeps through it) but i get mad at maddie and say "don't you hit your sister!!! she's sleeping! move away from her!!" and maddie responds, "there was a bee on mia's back!" ... haha... we thought this was pretty funny because there was definately no bee... little stinker is already making up stories to defend herself!! funny girl!

Shawn taking all the kids for a ride :)

We wore her out!! Soon after this picture we went to sleep in the back of our truck... the four of us!! it was sooo awesome to sleep under the stars together :) all snuggly... even though it did sprinkle rain on us a few times :)

Ty, Janene, and Rusty... trista must have been in the trailer :)

Special friends :)

All the kids having a dirty ol' time together :)

the girly train...

Proof i was there :) Don't you just love the mascara eyes!!


Josh and Megan said...

How fun! One sweet day we will go together...all one Adrienne's houseboat! ha ha! If I am ever brave enough to take Savannah camping I will have to call you to get some tips! I don't know why it scares me so bad?!

Liz Smith said...

this looks like so much fun!!! you guys are my heroes. i know so many parents that refuse to go anywhere just because they have kids, and you continue to prove that you can still do tons of fun things with the little ones. when i finally take that big step, i will be asking you for tons of advice!

Ty and Janene said...

that was so fun next year will be even better. You guys are the bestest friends anyone could ask for!!

Anna said...

What a fun trip! I love the picture of Mia sleeping. What a good idea to sleep in the truck, how cozy.

Leslee said...

So Mia sleeps on the beach in the sand just like her mommy used to... you're such a little trooper of a camper and I know you're having a ton of fun (the pictures say it all)... fun stuff...xoox Mom

Jess said...

What an awesome weekend! Water, sand, kids playing, and mascara eyes it couldn't be much better!

The Rollo Crew said...

I ran into K-Lee in Cedar this weekend and it made me miss all of my Winger friends. We should get together sometime...good times. :)