Friday, August 21, 2009

California Trip 2009!

Every year i take trip to california with my girls and we spend two weeks together with my mom :) we always have soooo much fun and this year was no exception!! we always do the same fun things with a few variations... but here is a quick summary :) we shopped, ate out, went to disneyland (twice), sewed, watched movies, ate golden spoon (mmm), played games, went to the beach, swam in the pool, stayed up late and talked in bed, and did whatever we felt like doing !! i had a fun night out with my sister-in-law Laura where we went out for dinner at the melting pot and some shopping after... sooo fun! i got to see my friend stephanie pinkham who was my best friend in high school... it was fun to meet up with her since it's been like 6 years since i saw her! i also had tons of fun at the beach with my brother... we got to play in the ocean!! here are some pix from the trip :)

Going to Disneyland... such a process with two kids and two strollers, but worth it!

Meeting Minnie Mouse... Maddie carried around a little minnie mouse doll the whole trip!

Just a pretty picture :)

and a drooly one :)

and the only picture of mia at the beach... i'm super bummed!

My brother letting the kiddies (emily, Aiden, and Maddie) put sand all over him.... YUCK! it must be a dad thing to let the kids cover them with sand.. because there is absolutely no way you would get me to do that!! but it sure is fun to watch :)

Sassy cousins... maddie and emily had so much fun playing together :)

the loot picture.... i wasn't going to blog this one, but... whatever, don't judge me :)

Home to daddy... and sooooo happy!

**we had such a fun trip! love you mom and we are already looking forward to next year :)


Ken, Julia, and Rue said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!! We're so glad you're back.

Jess said...

I'm so jealous of your trip (what fun!) and your new cute clothes (super cute!). It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Anna said...

What a fun trip! I am super jealous also, love the loot picture :) Can't wait to hear more about it, hope you are feeling better.

Liz Smith said...

FUN!!! i love southern california! and i loved the picture of all your loot. :D

Darice said...

I too am so jealous of all of your loot!! can't wait to shop it up myself as soon as this baby fat is officially off:) glad you are back.

Andrea said...

Both your girls are adorable... so dont think I dont love Maddie!
I just have to say Mia is so gorgeous! Those eyes are beautiful and I LOVE love love her hair!
Oh man... you so need to have more little girls. They are too cute not to!
Looks like a fun trip!
We need to plan a bbq or play day or something. We'll be back in a week! (Yea!)

Leslee said...

As much fun as you say you had, I have to say I had three times the fun because not only did I have you but Maddie and Mia as well... having Maddie get into bed with me in the middle of the night was a highlight of our August trip... and having Mia go to sleep in my arms was just too good to be true... our Scrabble games where I actually won a couple of rounds is something I'm remembering, too... Sorry you got sick at the end but even that gave me extra time with the girls and it was fun taking care of you... Love you lots... Glad you are looking forward to next August already because I am, too... Love, Mom
P.S. Thanks, Shawn, for sharing your girls with me! xoxo

Josh and Megan said...

Can I come next year? ha ha! HOW FUN! We are going done this's just too bad my mom doesn't like to shop! MISS YOU GUYS! Katey, Kyley and I went to Texas Roadhouse last week and we planned a trip to St. George! Lets see if it would be fun though!