Saturday, October 29, 2011

Disneyland !!

we got the chance to go to Disneyland with Shawn's family!! we had so much fun playing one day at california adventure and the another day at the main park :) Maddie and Mia LOVED playing with their cousins and how lucky they are to play with them at the happiest place on earth!!

maddie's glitter tattoo next to her new sparkling ears :) Daddy took her the day before disneyland to get her ears pierced!! Shawn dropped me and my mom off to shop while they were supposed to go to the park... once we were out of the car shawn asked the girls what they wanted to do and maddie answered "go get my ears pierced!!" the deal has been she needed to sleep in her own bed all night all the time... she has been good to consistantly do it so shawn said okay!!! when they picked us up from shopping maddie held her hair back and asked me if she looked different in anyway :) haha... I was SHOCKED!!! and happy that shawn got to take her for that experience :) she didn't flinch a bit and picked out the biggest pair of diamonds offered (that's my girl :)

yummy treats....

another yummy treat :)

taking pictures while stuck on a ride...

shawn took maddie on splash mountain and they both came off wet and shivering.... then we went on again and came of soaking!!! shawn DEFINITELY got the worst of it being in front :) hard to see in this picture, but he is dripping wet with squishy water filled shoes... and it was the 2nd ride of the day :) oops!!

Fun times with the cute kiddos!!

maddie was such a brave girl to try all the scary rides.... she went on tower of terror with me and i was freaking out and then i was feeling guilty that i took her on it!!! she was so excited to go and then on the ride her little face was freaked out and after i asked her if she liked it and she got all quiet and said no.. it lifted me out of my seat!!... the next day she told me she wanted to go on it again but with daddy.. not me! i think she sensed me freaking out!! and then we took her on space mountain for the first time and it was decorated for halloween.. a little scarier than usual and she was a little scared on that one too... but she loved thunder mountaina and matterhorn!! what a dare devil 4 year old!! :) mia on the other hand loved winnie the pooh :)