Thursday, July 14, 2011

What we've been up to....

campouts on the trampoline with daddy:)

Shawn took us to kanab on a job with him the other night... we got a room and had fun swimming and just being together !!

Dinner at a mexican food restaurant in Kanab... YUM!

this is what entertains our daughter while out to eat.... i'm sure the waitress loves to clean up the 20 empty sugar packets off the table and floor :)

Gymnastics!!! Maddie looks forward to her class every week!!

here are some of the baby quilts i've done recently and all you have to do to get one is have a baby... easy enough, right?! :)

and while i sew... maddie wants to "sew" too!!! she cuts up fabric and wraps it around her to make 'outfits' :) isn't she the cutest slutty bride you ever saw?!! "sew" proud :)

future clothes designer?... :)


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh Mia looks so grown up?!?! When did that happen??

The Burnetts said...

so glad I had a baby and got one of the sweet quilts!!! We love it :) and I love your girlies. miss you!

Leslee said...

Loved your blog... especially Maddie's bridal outfit... so cute... loved your blankets... miss you all... xoxo Mom

Andrea said...

looks like SO much fun! I want to take Myla when we get home. Good to know its 'amazing' :)
Crazy though... 1145. Seriously? Myla is in bed at 7! She'd never last that long. Do they have any earlier shows?