Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jazz Hands!

I came across my old dance costume ( as you can see it's from the early 90's.... and yet it still gives my heart a thrill... LOVE the sequinned leg warmers... sigh:) anyway.. i instantly knew who needed this sparkly gem.. MADDIE!! when i gave it to her she was sooo thrilled! she put it on and felt so special. She is always performing for us.. singing and dancing. Some of my favorites lately are her singing ALL the words to Annie's "Tomorrow"... and Little Mermaids "part of your world", and of course mama mia's "honey honey"! seriously funny! so since i did a post on Mia's fun facts, i thought i would do one for maddie too :)

Maddie Jane:
- almost 3 yrs old
-LOVES chocolate milk
-potty trained... no pull ups anymore!!
-tends to be the ring leader in a group
- loves to perform
-has a great imagination
- just stopped calling Cinderella, cindaberla, i was saad, i really liked her version of the name :)
- likes me to skip with her
-loves tubby time... HATES to get her hair washed!
-loves the princesses
-will tell long made up stories with lots of enthusiasm
- is growing up soooo fast... every day she surprises me :)


Liz Smith said...

LOVE the leg warmers and the headband!! anyways, she looks awesome. little girls are so much fun. :)

The Burnetts said...

Lovin the leg warmers! I think I have some choice jems like that in Elko somewhere...

Anna said...

Oh I love it!!! I can just see Maddie wearing it and performing for you, too cute :) The leg warmers are to die for, this so brightened my day!

Leslee said...

I remember thinking, "this expensive little costume will only be used ONCE and what a waste" ... and of course I kept it for 20 years until you were old enough to want to take it home... and now look at it... yippee, we're getting "mileage" out of it, and we'll get even more with Mia... Things Maddie loves at Grandma G's... making juice on the floor by the sink after picking oranges and lemons, looking for lizards, watching the elephant "Bingo" movie, picking any flower growing in the front yard, getting haircuts, the spa, hiding in the little house tent and looking out the windows. Hey, this list could go on and on... she really loves everything!

Amanda said...

Seriously, I love this little girl! She is sooo cute and such a ham. I love the costume, she looks darling as always :)